Keeping Your Children Happy During A Divorce

How Can Fathers Benefit Best During Divorce?

After a divorce, many fathers are not always aware of their rights immediately following the proceedings. Some mistakenly believe that the final divorce settlement is slanted in the mother's favor. Although all instances are different, as a father to your children, you need to seek out and enforce any rights you have after your divorce. Here are some things that can benefit you as you fight for your rights as a father when you get divorced:

Fair and Equitable Visitation

When you have children and you get a divorce, one of the most important components of your settlement is visitation and custody. Based on your divorce settlement, it can often be difficult for fathers to get what they consider a fair visitation agreement. This is particularly prevalent in more volatile relationships. Some men may just make the assumption that the mother will get primary custody and therefore do not fight for a more reasonable visitation order.

However, you need to be clear about what you want. Barring any circumstances in which you cannot legally have access to your children, including abuse or incarceration, you have a right to your children. You and your attorney should sit down and decide what your ideal visitation schedule would be. You then can present it to the judge and allow him or her to make a final decision.

Priority Scheduling 

Another thing you can do to strengthen your case as a father is to be willing to prioritize your schedule to accommodate your children as best you can. One problem many fathers have is the failure to make the necessary scheduling changes in order to be there for their children. You have to look at your work schedule, your personal schedule, and evaluate your life to find space to be there for your kids. When you are willing to demonstrate your ability to make important changes for your children's sake, this will benefit you in the eyes of the court as visitation decisions are made.

Prompt Payments

You may be required to make payments to your spouse in the form of spousal support and child support. Do not under any circumstances be late with these payments or miss them. You not only can suffer major legal repercussions, but you are also depriving your children and their other parent of the means they need to live a reasonably comfortable life in your absence. In addition, you may have a more difficult time making changes to your custody arrangement if you show you are unable to financially care for your children.

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Keeping Your Children Happy During A Divorce

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