Keeping Your Children Happy During A Divorce

Tactics That Felony Lawyers Use To Help You With A Case You Have Confessed To

Any felony lawyer will advise you to not talk to detectives. You have the right to remain silent and retain an attorney, and they would advise you to take advantage of those rights. However, if it is too late and you have already given a confession to the detectives working your case, you may wonder if a felony lawyer can still help you avoid a lengthy jail sentence. Here are a few of the tactics that an attorney may be able to use to help you if you have already confessed to a felony crime. 

Coming Up With Defenses That May Get the Confession Thrown Out

If you have confessed to a crime, there are few defenses that a felony attorney can use. They can no longer argue that you did not commit the crime and that someone else did. As such, one of the few defenses that they may still have is working to get the confession thrown out. If you were not read your Miranda rights, if you asked for an attorney and were denied one, or if the interrogation broke rules and you were not treated in accordance within the laws and restrictions that are commonly followed during interrogations, your confession may get thrown out. 

Working to Get the Charges Against You Reduced

A felony lawyer has more negotiating power to get the charges against you reduced if you have not already confessed. However, some prosecutors will still reduce the charges, even if you have confessed, if you agree to plead guilty, and if you avoid taking the case to trial. While they have a strong case with a confession, it still costs money, takes time, and requires witnesses to testify at a trial. Avoiding all that may be enough of an incentive to get the charges against you reduced, even if you have already confessed. 

Negotiating a Plea Deal In Exchange for Your Testimony

The final tactic that a felony attorney can use to help you with a case that you have already confessed to is negotiating a plea deal in exchange for your testimony. This is typically only an option if there are other defendants in your case that have not pled guilty. The charges against you may be reduced and/or you may get a lighter sentence if you testify to the role you and the defendants played in a crime in front of a judge and jury. 

Once you have confessed to a felony crime, you take away some of the negotiating power that a felony lawyer has for getting the charges against you dismissed, reduced or for negotiating a plea deal. But, a great lawyer will work with you and the prosecutor to help you get the best possible sentence for the crime that you have confessed to committing. 

To learn more about criminal court cases, contact felony lawyers in your area.

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