Keeping Your Children Happy During A Divorce

Don't Risk Looking Like a Cyberstalker During Your Divorce Proceedings

When you and your spouse have separated and begun divorce proceedings, it's only natural that you might feel curious—and perhaps even a little nosy—about his or her life. In today's age, you can often satisfy your curiosity by using the internet, although you want to be very careful that your actions don't come across as cyberstalking. If your soon-to-be-ex feels as though you're stalking him or her over the internet, he or she may take out a restraining order against you, which would dramatically complicate the divorce proceedings and make more challenges for you and your attorney. Here are some ways that you can avoid seeming like a cyberstalker.

Avoid Social Media Likes

You and your spouse may still be friends on social media, which means that you may have access to his or her posts and photos. While you might be tempted to read the posts and view the photos, you may want to be wary about clicking the "Like" button. Doing so, especially incessantly, can make your spouse feel uncomfortable because he or she feels as though you're always "watching." If you browse his or her social media, it's best to avoid clicking anything.

Don't Try to Access His or Her Accounts

Some people can be so nosy about their spouse during a divorce that they take things a step further and try to access their ex's email account with the intention of reading messages. If you aren't sure of the password, you might try to log in several times—and the account may then give your spouse an alert that someone is trying to access his or her personal information. It might not be difficult for your spouse to assume that the person behind the attempted breach is you, and this can seem like cyberstalking. Respect boundaries and don't violate their personal spaces, even online.

Be Wary of Sites That Show Your Presence

Browsing social media without clicking or commenting doesn't necessarily mean that your spouse won't be aware of your presence. Certain social media features allow the user to see who has viewed content. Instagram Stories, for example, give the user the ability to scroll through a list of everyone who has viewed the story. If you're on Instagram and are constantly monitoring your spouse's updates in this manner, he or she may feel uncomfortable enough to take out a restraining order. Don't hesitate to talk to a divorce attorney like those at Bray & Johnson Law Firm about some other steps that you can take to avoid this complication.

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Keeping Your Children Happy During A Divorce

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