Keeping Your Children Happy During A Divorce

Red Flag Behaviors To Discuss With Your Custody Attorney

If you're in the middle of a divorce and are going to have to go through a difficult custody dispute, then it is important that you prepare for the upcoming battle. You don't want to be blase about it, as it might mean that you either lose custody of your child or end up without the sole custody you desire. You can hire the most competent custody attorney you can find, but it's part of your job as a parent to supply the attorney with the proper information so that they can mount an adequate case. The most important things to do is to establish some reasons why you are the more desirable parent, and part of that is showing how your spouse is not as equipped to raise your child as you are. Here are a few red flag character traits to discuss with your attorney.

Excessive Gambling

If your spouse has a gambling problem, it needs to be mentioned in court. Depending on the severity of the problem, it can end up being a major issue. Your attorney will decide how to press the issue, but you need to mention to them if your spouse spends a decent amount of their paycheck on gambling, as this can be seen as irresponsible behavior. Any serious problems, such as being barred from casinos or owing money to bookies, need to be documented and presented at the trial.

Excessive Drinking

Alcoholism is often a mitigating factor in who will get custody of the child. If your spouse has a documented problem with alcohol, perhaps they have been arrested for drunk and disorderly, gotten a DUI, or been thrown out of bars, then this should be brought up. However, often times the spouse is a closet drinker and will simply come home and get drunk night after night. The attorney will see how this can be incorporated into the case, perhaps credit card bills or witnesses who have seen your spouse drunk when they visited the home.

History of Verbal Abuse

Physical abuse is always a huge issue, but you should not discount verbal abuse. If your spouse is someone who constantly berates and insults you, your child, and perhaps even others (family or coworkers) then it should be discussed with the attorney. That sort of environment is toxic for the child, and it needs to be considered when deciding who will get custody.

Unsteady Employment History

Finally, don't forget to mention to the attorney any history of sketchy job attendance. If your spouse is the type to often quit a job, or get fired, and bounce from one place to another because of their temper or personality, it can signify an unstable situation. Your lawyer will be able to ascertain if this will be something you wish to include in your case.

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Keeping Your Children Happy During A Divorce

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